Roads are generally poor in Tibet. The only roads suitable for VTT are the following=
Kodari Dingri Shigatse Lhasa Nakchu
Shigatse Gyantse
Lhasa Kongpo-Gyamda Bayi
Lhasa Tsetang Ombulakang.
Schedule only 50 to 100km depending you have to climb or not. For other roads 35km a day will be a maximum. Excepts those 4 main roads there are short good portions of roads around some large cities, military camps or hydroelectric plants and between Chamdo and Chamdo airport. Others roads are bumpy and only an average of 200km per day can be expected with a first class TOYOTA 4500 on those roads. Many are under repairs or cut such as the Chonggye road. A side track nearby will replace the usual road. It don't matter: any 4 wheels carriage track worth those roads.
When looking the materials and technics used - no progress can be scheduled in the near future. Chinese wasted 40 years to learn that roads should be drained and it will take certainly more than that to discover that local soils must not be used as a bottom of road.

PSB 's Racket
People who wish to follow the chinese regulations concerning Tibet travels pass through Agreed Travel Agencies having their main office in Lhasa. If you wish to visit some places nearby the most common monasteries proposed usually you will be victim of the local PSB' officers. The document or permit delivered by Lhasa authorities has no value in distant prefectures and the local officials will declare to you that you are in an area forbidden to foreigners. You have to go back and your travel agency will have to pay a fine. That's the way that those people has found to increase their poor salaries and get money to play, drink or finish their days in local restaurants. As I was personally witness. The only attitude when travelling in such areas is to avoid all guesthouses in villages where PSB civil servants are present. To resume: the places where you spend nights, guesthouses or hotels, should be located in large towns located on the 3 main roads listed above. Otherwise you have to look for an isolated house. In the day you can run any place 100/125km on each side.
It is hoped that the situation will improve in the future and that methods dating from the Emperors period (where province generals where imposing their law and were racketing travellers) will be give up. Tibet is a safe country where civilized rules should be applied. It it not China interest that the present situation go on.

Lhasa building destruction
Lhasa municipality has decided to renovate the old town. Not only old historical buildings had been destroyed along the Barkhor and replaced by new tibetan style buildings but the new building' owners are 100% chineses who had opened tourist shops proposing tankas, carpets, etc... Of course tourists refuse to make any bargain with them!!
North of Beijing Shar Lam 150m west of Yak Hotel - Shide Tratsang Gompa is under destruction. Why?? Go and take pictures!!

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