What to read ?

Tibet bike with Kym McConnell A route and planning guide for mountain bikers ans other overlanders Trekking in Tibet from Gary McCue Detailed trekking traks. Updated (Central Tibet)
Tibet handbook from Gyurme Dorje Cover all Tibetan districts in TAR, Amdo and Kham. Quite updated. Strictly necessary. Secret Tibet from Fosco Maraini The tibetan soul written by an assistant of Prof Tucci.
Andreas Gruschke The cultural monuments of Amdo and Kham(2vol. each) Mapping the Tibetan World Many short descriptions and more than 280 small maps covering Tibet and around
H.Harrer The wonderful adventure of H.Harrer in Tibet Orchid Press (Bangkok 2002) Memoirs and notes of his fellow
Victor Chan handbook Central Tibet and pilgrimage guide Mapping the Kailas Kailas map and circuit (Wien University)

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