Abstract= We visit in the N-W: Drepung G, Nechung G and some other places in the afternoon.

Lhasa. There are so many things to see in Lhasa and yet, not only were unable see everything, but we are satiated and aspire to rest.
We get up late and take a taxi. We decide first to visit the large monastery of Drepung located N-W of Lhasa. It was the third large monastery built by Tsongkapa in 1617.
Its successor was considered by the Chinese Emperoras as the first Dalai-Lama.The altars, buddhas and boddhisatvas are covered with gold.
The monastery has expanded since my previous visit and temples or Dukhangs were as impressive as those of Sera.

Two kilometres below Drepung, a minibus stops us on the road side, near the monastery of Nechung, which are rarely visited by tourists. The monastery is hidden by high walls and trees.
In the past, no significant decision was made without consulting the oracle of Nechung. Curiosity or premonition, all misfortunes which occur in Tibet have been announced by the oracle forcast here. After a walk of approximately 300 to 400 meters through a grove we arrive at the entry gate of the monastery.

The interior is different, the frescoes, as in the tantric chapels, represent frightening gods drawn in gold lines on a black base. After the monastery we return downtown and have a light lunch.
In the afternoon we take some rest. Then we decide to have a last visit to Jokhang temple. We visit the lateral chapels and the central dukhang rarely open at this period of the day. We are speechless in front of the golden statue of Budha, the princess Wengchen dowry and the golden chapel.
Back to the hotel we were again invited in the evening by the agency.

Nous visitons aussi le m
In the afternoon we get our last bargain around Barkhor and make a last visit to the Jokhang. We then visited the monastery of nuns of Ani Tsamkhung in the S of the city where the nuns try to sell us small objects and I buy 2 rosaries.

Endless we visit Tengyeling monastery which is in a small cul-de-sac in the block of houses facing Snowland Hotel. He was one of the four from were the Regents were choosen. Nothing remains of its past health.

In Barkhor, I buy also a complete set of clothes of a lama, a fire lighter with flint, a woman's shirt and some Tibetan jewels with large amber gems for Monique.

Tensing and Lobsang met us at 19h00 in front of the hotel. They were accompanied by the new guide who was introduced us. He was, like the previous, an ancient monk but of a higher level. He seemed to be more serious and less cordial than the first one. He informed us that he had been having back problems and thus could not make any more treks with westerners. The evening was festive, because Tensing had invited all his unmarried friends. We return exhausted to the hotel, very late, the ears satiated by the Tibetan melodies we heard during the whole evening.

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