Several years ago I was crossing Tibet. When starting from Golmud in the North, I joined Lhasa by bus, then used a 4x4 in company of several other young people to carry on the Lhasa - Nepalese border road, I could not seriously visit all the sites which interested me. This time, perhaps the last voyage that I carried out in Tibet, I had planned to visit all the accessible major sites in 4x4. An arrival by Chamdo had the advantage of being able to get to know the monasteries of the East which are seldom visited. Then a project of Chamdo-Lhasa-Kodari route was sheduled.

This journey aimed in particular =
  • to visit all the monasteries and holy places of Tibet accessible from the road;
  • to check the presence or not of the toponyms provided in the most recent Chinese maps;
  • to check the position and spelling of the toponyms and when several names exist to seek the reason for it;

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    Taking into account the bad quality of the roads, daily distances are sheduled between 100 and 180 miles. We had also worn lumbar sheaths which were particularly effective. The bad weather, an accident or a cut road could delay the program and even stop it. We were lucky as in spite of the encountered difficulties, the majority of the objectives were achieved.

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