Download the Kailas map
The major rivers of the North of India have their headwaters in the vicinity of the large Mt Kailas peak. Therefore Mt Kailas is considered since antiquity as the "lord of the mountains" and the house of numerous Divinities. Every year thousands of pilgrims are coming in this area and do the mountain round in 3 or 4 days and the Manasarowar lake round. This trek is also considered as a "must" by european trekkers. The Kailas and lake Manasarovar area can be found in the 3081 map. Many toponyms were found in the book of Swami Pranavananda "Exploration in Tibet".
A new detailed map (prepared by Katia Buffetrille and Robet Kostka) was published in 2002 by Wien University and must be purchased by trekkers.

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