Central Tibet Monasteries

1 - Generality

If the Chinese Reds Guards had destroyed more than 2000 monasteries and holy places in Tibet in the 70's, a half had been rebuilt by Tibetans themselves. The most ancient buildings had curiously been saved as they had been used to protect military equipments during the long winter periods. You will see here more treasures than in any other country in the world, that is unbelievable, if you take the time to discover the numerous buildings and paintings, some dating of the seventh century!
The access is sometimes difficult, but imagine the problem of the people having climbed here timbers and stones to build them.
The country seems empty with a very rare vegetation but you will meet a continuous flow of Tibetans visiting the temples. You will never forget the religious songs, the faith of the people and the sights full of love that you will meet in the eyes of the Tibetans, sights and smiles that you will never forget as it is the only place in the world where you will meet them.

A Menda or large prayers flags pennants through the road side indicates the presence of a nearby Monastery except where chinese military lorries are numerous.
Chortens (Stupas in India) are really numerous.

2 - Chortens

They represent the 5 elements existing in the world and they contain ashes of a famous Saints or Lamas.
The lamas bodies are generally burnt and their ashes are used to make tormas which are placed inside the square basement of the monastery chorten.

We can see below how the tormas are prepared by young monks
 making torma

3 - Gompas or Tibetan Monasteries

We can recognize the presence of a Monastery when the facade has on each corner of its roof a Victory Banner and in the middle a Wheel of Life between 2 antelopes.
This image represents an historical fact. Just at the end of Illumination, Buddha started his first speech aloud with only 2 antelopes which feel listening him!

4 - Guided visit of a typical tibetan Gompa

1 - the Wheel of Life
and the 2 antelopes listening the first preach of Buddha in the Gazelle Park near Benares

2 - the outside wall of Chamdo Gompa

3 - Drayab G gate

4 - Traduk inner courtyard

5 - Turning Sakya G prayer wheels

6 - juniperus branchs burner in Buchu G

7 - climbing to Samding G vestibule

8 -Tangboche G temple door

9 - World Guardian Kings paintings left side

10 - World Guardian Kings paintings right side

11 - Chamdo Assembly Hall

12 - Totung G Assembly Hall pillar brocards

13 - Inside walls paintings

14 - Monks reciting Holy Texts

15 - Holy Books on shelves

16 -Tankas covering upper part of walls

17 - altars covered by money offerings
note this 2 inches banknotes wad!

18 - colored butter sculptures

19 - Maitreya

20 -Large Buddha statues covered by gold plates

21 - Rinpoche throne covered by pilgrim white katas

22 - First floor corridor

23 - floor meditation room

24 - floor guest room

5 - Tibetan Gompas list

I apologze not to supply a full list of monasteries, but give only the most accessible ones. Numerous monasteries are located at mid slope of mountains or in hidden valleys. To help the research, monasteries had been shared in 8 areas. Plans had been made from personal notes. Thanks to supply corrections when necessary and additions.

Pages will be improved with more details in a few months.

Lhasa center

Meru Nyingpa G
Ramoche G
Dragla Lukug
Tsepak Lhakang
Gyurme Tratsang
Tsomoling lhakang
Meru Sharpa Tratsang
Ani Tsamkung G
Tengeling G
Shide Tratsang
Around Lhasa

Drepung G
Nechung G
Sera G
Yerpa caves
Tsemcholing G
North-West of Lhasa

Gadong G
Tsurphu G
Menang G
Dechen ani G
Yangpachen G
Nyemo G
Nyemo ani G
Sangri G
Chekorgyel G
North -East of Lhasa

Ganden G
Gyama G
Katsel G
Yerikang G
Drigungtil G
Tozong ani G
Dzongser G
Reting G
Taklung G
Nalandra G
Pempo G
Kathmandu - Lhasa road

Tengyeling G
Rongphu G
Shekar G
To G
Lhartse G
Sakya G
Resa G
Tarting G
Gangchen G
Narthang G
Tashilhunpo G
Shalu G
Gadong G
Gyantse G
Ralung G
Samding G
Lhasa - Tsetang road

Nyetang G
Gongkar chode G
Rame G
Chitisho G
Dratang G
Mindroling G
Samye G
Tsetang and Yarlung

Tsetang G
Trebuling G
Traduk G
Chonggye G
Srontsen Gampo tumulus lhakang
Bairo phuk
Rechung G
Trachichode G
Yarto G
Kharu G
Sangri G
Dzinchi G
Tsetang-Chamdo road

Rong G
Lhagyari G
Gyatsa G
Kuru Namgyel G
Lamoling G
Yundrupling G
Paka G
Pome Totung G
Shubden G
Rumbu G
Pashoe G
Bomda G
Drayab G
Chamdo G

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